Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day with Thomas the Train

May 24th 2008
Wyatt, Candy and I went up to Heber to see Thomas the Train.
We rode the train and Wyatt got to play with the Thomas the Train tracks and trains set up in a tent.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sandestin Beach Resort in Florida

Hi everyone. Last month we took another vacation to the beach. This time Kyle went with us. We stayed at Angela's company condo in Destin, Florida again. Angie flew down and stayed with us over the weekend. I can't get over how much Wyatt loves the beach. He could spend as much time out there as I can. he loves the sand and the waves. Kyle doesn't quite have the same love for the sun and surf as we do. We ate out alot and I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks! One day we rented bikes and rode around the resort. It was Wyatt's first time on the back of a bike. He wore a little helmet and everything. He cried for the first 5 minutes before he got over his fear. He loved it after a while but didn't want to do the next day. Even though we have been home for almost 3 weeks everytime he sees a picture of the beach or the ocean he says "I wanna go there". I know exactly how he feels.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The County Fair

Last month, early in August, we had the Juab County Fair. There was only one category for 2 year olds, an anything goes category. So I made sure Wyatt got a chance to enter something. In his case it was a watercolor/finger painting. It was entitled "Airplane" but it had originally been a house and the day before a cow. But the day we entered it he called it "Airplane". He got a blue ribbon as did many of the kids. I encouraged Candy to enter a cake in the cake decorating category which she did and she won the Sweepstakes purple ribbon with the option to compete at the Utah State Fair! I entered what I thought was the cutest photograph ever of a 1 year old little boy named Wyatt and got a blue ribbon myself. They give out quite a few blue ribbons, but only one purple Sweepstakes so we are very proud of Candy. She also won some money.
Candy is a pretty good cake decorator. She made Wyatt’s “CARS” birthday cake and it couldn’t have looked better. I keep telling her she should start a little side business.
I also bought a new car last week, a Toyota Sequoia. It's a much larger SUV than my Jeep and I am still getting use to the parking limitations. But Wyatt has his own DVD player in the back so it will be great on long car trips. It is so much nicer and quieter than my old Jeep. This is literally the first new car I have had in 20 years.
The Labor day holiday has just past. We spent the weekend camping at a friend’s cabin. Today is the first day of classes here at BYU. So as we leave summer behind and start into Fall I hope everyone looks back and takes a moment to record their favorite events either with a blog or a journal. It can be both fun and thought provoking to go back and take a look at your past.